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    • Memory Techniques: Criteria for selecting an ideal tuition centre

      Knowledge of memory techniques is extremely useful for students and parents alike. As a prelude, we’d like to cover one of the most common  There are various techniques that can be applied depending upon whether the subject...

      #education   #techniques   #memory    02 Jun 2016
    • Student Biorhythm & The Exams Student: How Biorhythms affect exam performance and how to deal with it.

      Every student has their own bio-rhythm for learning and growing. It is important that parents and students recognize their bio-rhythm. This has been observed in the Japanese education system, which since the 1970s has become biorhythm-oriented....

      #biorythm   #nutrient   #nutrient    27 May 2016
    • The Safety Net: How Supplementary Tuition catches those whom fall through the cracks

      The education system in Singapore is well-honed, utilizing tried-and-tested methods to churn out generation after generation of quality leaders and workers. Like every other system, this monolithic behemoth has its cracks. Large classes favour a cognitive approach,...

      #centre   #supplementary    24 May 2016
    • The Learning Environment: The Great Divide in Learning

      There is a great gulf in teaching techniques in modern Singapore, ranging from mainstream to alternative learning techniques, from classroom environments to the largest difference in learning styles can be found between local and international...

      #tuition   #education   #centre   #student    19 May 2016
    • Types of Choices on choosing a Tuition Centre

      #1: The Well Branded Tuition Centre Enrolling your child in a famous tuition centre may be one of the choices you might be looking at. Based on their track records, many parents do not mind waiting...

      #tuition   #education   #singapore   #location    16 May 2016
    • Learning Style: Multiple Intelligences and Learning Smart

      In today’s results-focused society and exam-oriented curriculum, it is often easy to lose oneself in the grades and put all effort towards gaining that oft-coveted ‘A’. Whilst the goal is noble, parents may be surprised to...

      #Education   #Singapore    11 May 2016
    • Irwin‘s Study: $50 for General Paper trial lesson with Irwin See

      Irwin‘s Study: We have a promotion! $50 for one trial lesson. Original price is $95 per lesson. Check out our Haven page!

      #General Paper   #Junior College   #Tuition Haven    07 Jan 2016

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